Saskatoon Public Library  
  Saskatoon Through the Ages:
selected photographs from the Local History Gallery Shows
  Educational Resources  
  Saskatoon's Centennial
1. 2006 is Saskatoon's 100th Anniversary as a city! Design a poster to celebrate our city's momentous milestone.
  Creative Writing
2. A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose a photograph and create a story about the people, places or events in the image. This can be done individually or in groups. As this is a creative writing exercise, let your imagination take over.
  Researching Saskatoon's History
3. Use the Library's catalogue to find information on Saskatoon's history. Write down the title, author and call number for as many books on Saskatoon's history as you can find. Choose one book and write up a few fun local history facts to share with your class.
  Saskatoon Timeline
4. Create a timeline of Saskatoon's history. Your timeline may be a general overview (e.g.: pulling information from all of the gallery shows) or it may have a specific theme (e.g.: the history of work in Saskatchewan; pulling information mostly from "Saskatoon Works: Vintage Images of Saskatoon Men and Women at Work").
  Living History
5. Select a topic, how or individual photograph that interests you. Prepare 5-10 questions on your topic and request an interview with an older individual in your community (a grandparent, neighbour, etc.). Keep you topic and questions general to ensure a meaningful response. Examples of topics include: Saskatoon of "your childhood", farm living, and the Bessborough Hotel. As a classroom project, the teacher might invite an interviewee into the classroom to speak with the entire class.
  The Name Game
6. Many buildings, streets and areas of Saskatoon are named for historic people. Choose a building, street or neighbourhood, and research the history of the name. Some suggestions are: Caswell School, the Connaught Block, Hanson Building, Mendel Crescent, Nutana, Riversdale, and Sutherland.
  The Photographers
7. Photographers Dr. F. E. Wait, Helen Schrader, and Leonard Hillyard are profiled in exhibitions of their individual work. Write an essay to compare and contrast the subject matter and photographic styles of these three photographers, using their individual exhibitions as a basis of discussion.
  A Walk on the Westside: Remembering Riversdale
8.Once its own village, Riversdale is now a neighbourhood within the city of Saskatoon. How does the Village of Riversdale compare with the neighbourhood of today? Which buildings, businesses and people of Riversdale's history still remain?
  Women in Saskatoon
9. Explore the role of women in Saskatoon's history. What were their contributions, activities, and position within the community? What is their place in today's Saskatoon?
  Virtual Galleries
10. Take a trip to other virtual galleries via Inventory of Canadian Digital Initiatives. See what you can learn about Canada's history from these online resources.